Designing a memorable business card/visiting card is a difficult task. These cards are the impression makers of any business, if they are designed right, they become a very big help in popularizing your business.

I’ve made and shared some free business card templates but they were simple stuff. I designed them in such a way that those cards could be printed on any printing machine and doesn’t require anything else very special either. But this collection I’m sharing today is very different.
Today I’m sharing a collection of very cleverly designed business cards. Such cards usually need special printing machines, as well as cutters (cutting machines). They also cost a lot compared to the routine types, but the results are mesmerizing.

Web Design Agency Business Cards

This website agency created a business card design absolutely like a laptop.

Cube Business Card

Cargo box. Memorable as anything.

Psychologist Business Card

I wish there were CTRL ALT DELETE buttons for real life.

Designer Business Card

Business card inside a pocket, inside a pocket.

Furniture Manufacturer Business Card

It just couldn’t get more outrageous. People will keep such cards, even if they never ever have to use it.

Sandra Martins Makeup

Simplicity always wins.

Broke Bike Alley

Giving a tool or anything helpful to introduce your business is always a good idea.

Chart Business Card

“All graphs go up, so I’m happy” – F.R.I.N.D.S 1996

Flow Yoga Business Card

Wanna yoga?

Musical Comb Business Card

Ever seem a musical equalizer? Ever seen one on a visiting card?


No pun intended.

Candy Wrapper Business Card

I wonder if it had candies in it.

Sponge Card

So much for sponge bob.

Personal Business Card

One thing about personal visiting cards is that they are not suppose to look very business like.

Barber’s Card

Barbershop, here we come.

Steve Shine

Again, simplicity always works.


This visiting is very simple and easy to understand…. for web developers.

Business Cards 2012

And we’re almost reaching the Armageddon date of 21st December, but just in case, if we don’t die, here’s a business card made for 2012 and the years to follow.


Colorful, yet minimal.


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