70+ Coolest iPad Wallpapers

A mighty collection of best iPad wallpapers. This post includes photography wallpapers and design wallpapers. iPad, we all love. It’s not really a computer but we don’t care, and it is not really a mobile phone, again, we don’t care. It’s awesome. If you love your iPad, you’d want to dress it up good, and for that you need wallpapers. So here they are.

Most of these wallpapers are Retina ready so no worries if you have a Retina Display device.

I’ve commented every image. That is basically to provide details of the image, but if the image is clear enough already, I just wrote something stupid.

iPad Wallpapers with Apple Logos

Feel the Power – Download

“Apple is power” – Sr. Inspector Gadget (Steve Jobs)

feel the power wallpaper apple

Multi Color Apple Logo – Download

There should be more wallpapers where the apple has green leave.

apple logo ipad

3D Apple Logo Ipad Wallpaper – Download Wallpaper

An handsome silver Apple logo in in 3D. I like the wood texture also.

3d apple logo ipad Wallpaper

Gradient Apple iPad Wallpaper – Download Full Size

Pink and blue…. so girls and boys both should like this wallpaper?

Gradient Apple Ipad Wallpaper

Apple Splatter Logo – Download

We shared a pack of splatter brushes a while ago. You can make your own wallpaper using them.

paint splatter apple logo wallpaper

Sunburst Apple Wallpaper – Download

Vintage Apple logo with rainbow colors. I have no idea what the grunge paper background doing here.

apple sunburst wallpaper

Dj Wallpaper HD Wallpaper

Get rockin’

dj wallpaper ipad

Colourful Apple 6 – Download

Rainbow colored Apple wallpaper with logo and text.

colorful apple wallpaper

Wooden Apple Logo – Download

Apple logo on brown chocolate color texture, combined with wood concept.

apple logo ipad wallpaper

Apple to Apples – Download

Ironic, is it? Is it really?

apples wallpaper

Apple Finder – Download Wallpaper

Only a true Apple user will understand this wallpaper.

apple finder

Photography iPad Wallpapers

Apple Heart – Download Wallpaper

This is how Apple used to be in the early days.

apple heart wallpaper

Colourful Lemon – Download

Loved it, simply loved it.

colourful lemon Wallpaper

Standing Tall! – Download

This is an HDR image of Patronas Towers in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. This is the world’s highest twin-towers building.

ipad Wallpaper

Curvy II – Download

Another pattern wallpaper, like hex.

curvy ipad wallpaper

Calmity – Download

In photography, we call this effect Bokeh.


Dew Drops Web Ipad Wallpaper – Download

Since I know bits of photography and I like to brag about them, this is called macro photography. Here are some water drop photography.

dew drops web wallpaper for ipad

Love Earth – Download


The perfect world

earth Love heart wallpaper

Endeavour Migrates Home – Download

Endeavour is the famous NASA space-shuttle that retired recently.

endeavour ipad wallpaper

Frozen Landscape Wallpaper – Download

Picture taken at the most southern parts of Argentina. This is quite near to Antarctica.

Frozen landscape wallpaper

Leaping Frog – Download

If you have athleticism like that, you already are a prince.

leaping frog wallpaper

Murmurs of the heart! – Download

If you are a photographer or a designer, learn how to use negative space.

murmurs of heart

Climbing Snail – Download

“Why do you accuse me, look at snails” – Turtle

snail climbing

Purple Smoke – Download Wallpaper


Dinner is over, he didn’t come??? (

purple smoke wallpaper

Clown Fish iPad Wallpaper – Download

Ocean photography at its best.


Bokeh Spots – Download

Another Bokeh, another peaceful wallpaper.

bokeh spots shiny wallpaper

Blue Whale – Download

Make way for the mammoth of the ocean.

blue whale ipad wallpapers

Closer to God – Wallpaper

A Nine inch Nails (NIN) wallpaper.

closer to god wallpaper

Coffee Cup Wallpaper

The second best thing to make a morning perfect. Don’t ask me about the first one.

Cup Coffee Wallpaper

Good Live

Lonely wheat in the field.

green wallpaper

Nature Wallpapers HD Tiger

Those eyes!

tiger wallpaper ipad

Sunset Cruise Wallpaper – Download

No, this is not titanic.

sunset cruise wallpaper

Ready for Company – Download

What a site to propose… I got married so early.

glowing tree wallpaper for ipad

Zen Garden – Download

Looking for a peaceful calm iPad wallpaper? Why are you looking for it, it’s right here.

zen garden wallpaper

Lurking Danbo – Download Wallpaper

We never thought piece of cartons can look so cute.

lurking danbo wallpapers

Danbo ipad wallpaper – Download

The world’s most impressive carton cartoon is back.

danbo wallpaper

Design iPad Wallpapers

I Love iPad Wallpaper – Download

Well of course you do, that’s why you’re checking out all these iPad wallpapers.

i love ipad wallpaper

Sugar Skull – Download Wallpaper

It’s a trap. You gaze at the artwork and suddenly you realize that you have been staring at a skull… and that is freakish.

floral skull wallpaper
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Snowy Globe – Download Wallpaper

I don’t know why but this wallpaper reminds me of Switzerland.

snowy globe ipad wallpapers

Black Hex Wallpaper – Download

So simple, so minimal, yet so charming. I guess math geeks would like this wallpaper more than anyone else.

black hex wallpaper

Chinese Moon – Download

Looking for a minimal wallpaper? Or a blue wallpaper? You got it.

Ipad chinese moon wallpaper

Colorful Light Swirls – Download

Another rainbow colored wallpaper for iPad.

wallpaper color light swirls

Colourful Gradient – Download iPad Wallpaper

Looks like a pantone from yellow to magenta.

color stripes wallpaper

Color Stripes – Download

Another 3D wallpaper. It might not be looking much here but it was awesome when I set it up.

colourful ipad wallpapers

Blue Swirls – Download Wallpaper

I don’t know if it is the ocean or not. But cool.

Blue swirls wallpaper

Blue Squares 2 – Download

All blue pattern wallpaper. Blue looks good on iPad.

Blue squares wallpaper

Tetris Pattern – Download Wallpaper

Patterns patterns everywhere.

Tetris Pattern Wallpaper

Wooden Planks – Download

Just a black wood texture. Class!

wooden planks wallpaper

Victorian Pattern – Download Wallpaper

Another texture, not wood this time. Something floral I think.

victorian pattern wallpaper Download

Wood HD Wallpaper

Simple, artistic wood wallpaper for iPad.

wallpaper ipad wood

Christmas Wallpaper

Still many months left in Christmas, but who waits.

Christmas wallpaper for ipad

Teal Pixels Wallpaper – Download Wallpaper

Pixel… the little dot that makes a big difference.

Teal Pixels Wallpaper

Abstract Swirls – Get Wallpaper

Rainbow swirls.

Abstract Swirls Wallpaper

Backgrounds Deep

All blue, or should I say, all cyan.

blue deep background wallpaper for ipad

UP Movie Wallpaper – Download

I loved that movie.

up movie ipad wallpaper

Retina Wallpaper Art – Download

Cool iPad retina wallpaper for iPad.

hd retina wallpaper ipad

Green Shiny Swirls – Download

This is one of those wallpapers which look awesome on iPad but not that good on desktop.

green swirls wallpaper for ipad

Tatter World Map – Download

This is the wallpaper I’m using.

tatter world map wallpaper

Hal 9000 iPad Wallpaper


The big red button…. what does this button do?

hal 9000 ipad Wallpaper

Black HD Wallpaper iPad

The signal will come soon, stay prepared.

ipad wallpapers black

Man HD Wallpaper

Robin Hooded.

ipad backgrounds hd man

Metal Water

Wouldn’t it be easier to call it mercury?

metal water wallpaper

Super Man Logo Ipad Wallpaper – Download

So superman is returning to screen next year.

super man logo wallpaper

The Dark Knight Ipad Wallpaper

Will rise again.

the dark knight ipad wallpaper

i Love my New Ipad

Yes I do!

i love my new ipad

Super Mario 3D Wallpaper – Download

And nostalgia stroke! We all played mario, didn’t we? Aah, good days.

mario wallpaper

Ghost Sniper – Download Wallpaper


This reminds me of the days when I used to play video games.

ghost sniper wallpaper

Call of Duty Black Ops

A game I never liked, but I really liked this wallpaper.

call of duty black ops wallpaper

Master Chief Halo 4

I wonder when will our soldiers start wearing something like this.

halo 4 wallpaper master chief

Captain America Wallpaper – Download

Nice film, but Avengers is Avengers.

Captain America Wallpaper


Hugh Jackman lovers would love this wallpaper. My God, what a body.

wolverine move wallpaper