Millions of web designers from all over the world are making a nice living developing websites for their customers. There are different ways to make money online as a web designer. Put your graphic design skills and talent to work and you can earn thousands of dollars a month. read more

Finally, we have reached the final part of my series. We are going to look at, possibly two of the most exciting thing features in WordPress: Plugins and Widgets! read more

In generating leads for web design companies, they may think that they have it rough in achieving good results from their campaign and they have thought right. To get the most of their campaign, it is a wise decision to just outsource it to a telemarketing firm that specializes in contacting leads for IT companies. […]

The web design that you have on your site will tell your customers a lot about you as a business person. If it is disorganized and not easy to navigate, they will likely move on to the next site to do their business. They will think that you, as a business owner, do not take […]

Your decision of redesigning the website should be backed up with an analytical consideration of several various aspects which are detailed in this article. The article will tell you if website redesign is a practical move or not. read more

Websites are today’s virtual shopfronts. They speak volumes about the organisations they represent, creating lasting impressions which will engage or disengage customers within the first four seconds of their visit. read more

A website design quote should be straightforward and easy to understand but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s what is left unsaid that is important. Other times it’s like the small print that you never read when you tick the “yes I’ve read the terms and conditions, honest” box. read more

The field of design is quite a large one, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there are going to be similarities between many of the different ‘arty’ careers. If you work in web design, for example, you might wonder whether your skills and design rules could translate to another profession […]

Whether you’re just getting you business started and you are still learning how to improve your online presence or you have had a site for a while and you just aren’t happy with it, you may have heard of WordPress and might be wondering what WordPress is. Simply put WordPress is a publishing platform used […]

More and more businesses are using the Internet as a medium to reach potential customers and to make their companies known to target groups. This is because of the popularity of the medium all over the world and how it has become accessible to practically everyone. read more

This article emphasizes on following web standards during a website design as it increases the efficiency and also the usability of the website. It also results in increasing the rankings of the website in the popular search engines. read more

Like all the other components of website design, the white space also plays an important role in the development of websites. The following article annotates the “empty space” and its functionality in the website design. read more

To get incredible success online, make sure your website has an attractive website design, impressive and updated content and prevailing strategy. All these factors are necessary to attract users and express the right message to them but for the better performance of a website, user friendly features and latest technology are also required. The browsers […]

On account of introduction of internet technology and the day to day increase in number of tech savvy who are using internet 24/7, varieties of activities are taking place in the web world these days.On account of introduction of internet technology and the day to day increase in number of tech savvy who are using […]

Plenty of seasoned web designers will look at the ‘newbies’ straight out of university with either a smirk of derision or with a small smile of reminiscence. As with many other professions, website creation will allow you to grow and mature as you get older and gain more experience. Here are the three stages you […]