Before we get started on the “Ins” and “Outs” we should first clarify what Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is. GWT is an online system that provides website owners and developers with valuable information regarding the health of their website. GWT is not only a great resource for the people working on the website (i.e. web […]

Every web development process needs certain application that will help it to survive in the cut throat competition and is also highly flexible due to which developers can try out many pioneering ideas with it. The process of image slicing is done to make PSD files less multifaceted and easier to be converted into a […]

Your website without traffic is not worth a penny. As website design companies will tell you, it is vital that you learn to attract high-volume traffic to your website if you want to grow as a business. There are many ways to get traffic; some methods are simple and some are complex. It takes a […]

There are a number of trends in the web designing industry. The duration of the trends my be very long, long, short and even very short. The biggest benefit in following any trend is that the web application may become popular instantaneously. read more

With an excellent employment outlook and a median salary range of nearly $60,000 per year, many people have taken an interest in web design as a possible career path. Here we will discuss the many facets and tools necessary for the job, so that you can be better informed on what it takes to be […]

The internet was born back in the 1960’s as a resilient, fault-tolerant network of computers through the joint effort of the United States government and private companies. By the 1980’s, funding poured in, which led to development of complex technology networks and their mergers – ultimately creating a super entity we know of today as […]

WordPress has become a popular program these days as it has evolved from a web-based tool for setting up a blog to a content management system used to run business websites having social media elements. Converting PSD to WordPress theme can bring along lots of benefits for the development of a website and keeping it […]

There are many factors that need thinking about when creating a website or having one created for you. These factors partly depend on the type of website you are having. read more

Most people on the Internet like to surf now and then, we are all naturally inquisitive and surfing goes a long way to satisfy our curiosity. The range of topics when surfing is only limited by the Websites available on the Internet today, with most subjects covered in some way, shape or form. read more

Do you want to leave a perfect impression on your existing and potential customers online? It’s time that you take web design of your business website seriously. The website design helps to allure the customers to spend a good amount of time on the website. read more

So you want to create a website? First, think about making a well designed website with quality content, before worrying about making money. If you prove that you “know your stuff” – that you’re a credible expert in your field – and spread the word using the online tools at your disposal, people will come. […]

Traditionally, content managed websites have been used by big companies. However, in recent years small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and around the globe have started to see the advantage of these websites. The benefits of outsourcing IT and online marketing work are many and different and besides, the costs of such solutions have […]

Building a website has always helped the businesses to expand their market by reaching out to a huge number of people. Whether it is a start-up venture or a small business, they can also take advantage of setting up the website by targeting local and global market. read more

These days, there are just as many single-page websites out there as there are sites with seemingly endless pages. But, before you jump on the single-page web design bandwagon, you need to ensure that your business or needs are actually suitable for such a set up – they’re not for everyone, after all. read more

Graphics have very important role to play in website design. However, they should be used carefully and only when they are necessary. As long as graphics are carefully used, they can impart visual attraction and can also facilitate the usability of your website. When strategically placed, a good graphic design can help emphasize the product […]