Step-by-Step Guide to Crowdsourcing Facebook Business Page Design

A recent study reveals that people not having Facebook accounts have some troubles in their social life and some of them may suffer of mental issues. These kind of studies are not necessarily very detailed and scientifically based but there must be some truth. Anyway, nowadays having a Facebook page isn’t a fad, it is a business necessity. In fact, the presence on this social network is part of the branding strategy for the huge majority of the agencies/companies, organizations and people.

In order to help people, the Facebook team decided to offer more freedom and now everyone may customize their personal page. Facebook page design, willing or not, is becoming very important because people have the tendency to judge a brand, personality or organization according to it.

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What Facebook Designs are All About?

Good Facebook design pages give a business the chance to engage directly with their customers dues to the interactive nature and sociability inherent in Facebook. If you want to grow almost any type of business, having an online community page on Facebook will increase in importance to the overall success of the business or brand. Here’s what I mean: I am not a great football lover/player but I was amazed by the modesty of all the Barcelona players…it’s fabulous to be the best team and in the same time to not let your ego get too big. I decided to give a “Like” to their official Facebook page in acknowledgment of their sportsmanship.

FC Barcelona Facebook Page

On Facebook, Barcelona is a champion team. The page admins share a nice mixture of uploading fresh pics of the players, offer information about the next fixtures but also give details about the state of the players. It’s amazing how they make everything in such a manner not to become boring but in the same time to be a “living account” of the team and I participate all via my Facebook account. All I did was ‘like’ the team but I am totally engaged by their story and the content shared on their page.

FC Barca football club

Facebook is and will be (in the near future) an important marketing channel and customer touch point in a firm’s marketing program, therefore if you care about your business, you should be interested in your business page design. Briefly, you should pay attention to two distinct items: the Facebook design and the information shared. In order to save you time, I made a comprehensive research for the best solutions regarding the design of the Facebook pages. Fortunately, there are many potential solutions and everything is up to you. I consider that the best solution is to let the specialists doing their job and I recommend this idea to all of you.

Definitely, for your Facebook design I recommend DesignCrowd; it is advantageous also for you, the clients, but also for the designers. The amazing part is that you pay for a single specialist but you benefit from the ideas of many…sounds interesting, isn’t it?

To Conclude

Another positive aspect is the simplicity of getting your project accomplished by crowdsourcing Facebook design on DesignCrowd. Here are the steps:

  • You post a brief of your project- the more details, the more precise will be the ideas submitted. Here you must setup a deadline and a winning payment for the chosen design;
  • The designers competing on DesignCrowd will start designing for your project and submit their ideas (usually jpeg format or similar);
  • Depending on the client preferences, they may offer feedback and the designers respond by submitting further refined ideas or simply select a winning project and voila, the Facebook page is ready!
  • The creator of the winning design receives the payment and the files of the project are emailed to the project holder.
  • Start using your designs on your Facebook page!

In this way anyone may hire the best designers for their project, it’s mandatory to say that here are the best ones and reliability and professionalism are common features of them.

On the other hand, the payment for serious and qualitative work must satisfy the designers; so be reasonable and set a budget that matches your expectations design quality. A nice page design is many times associated with a reasonable return of investment and will help to strengthen your brand presence and help you grow your business.

In conclusion, don’t waste precious time and customize your Facebook presence, afterall the future is social!