Why you need a mobile website? What the reasons to have a mobile website? According to Neilson research, mobile Internet usage is growing 30% every year. By 2013, it is expected that there will be 134 million mobile web users in the United States alone, up from 73.7 million mobile web users in 2009. Here are the key reasons why your business should have a mobile website in 2012.

When you think of mobile payments, what do you imagine? The ability to tap your phone instead of swiping your credit or debit card? Or is it the idea of buying items with your phone in an M-commerce type of way? If your first thought was the former, it’s time to consider the later. Once you do, you will understand why you need a mobile site.

Image below is the illustration or what we called Infographic of Why You Need a Mobile Website.

10 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Site Infographic by AD:60

Everyone is using their mobile phones to access internet. With mobile internet usage it could only mean increase in return visits and more business. Having a mobile website can improve the service you offer to your valued customers. You can pay your employees online or receive payments from customers. There are many advantages of having a mobile website. This leads to a very flexible working environment like working while travelling. The growing amount of traffic from smart phones would guarantee you future success. Alternatively, users want more portable and handy means of communication. The easier it is to use, the better. The smartphone usability is enhanced, making the information easier to navigate and read.

20% of all U.S. households are now “mobile-only” for their phone service. Even Google’s ex CEO Eric Schmidt has said “The Future is in Mobile Search”. The next frontier of the internet is the mobile web and some say it will even overtake the desktop. In the near future, most of the visitors to a website will be through mobile. Mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android have revolutionized web surfing, enhanced the experience dramatically, and continue to drive more consumers to use mobile devices for browsing the Internet.

It is now your choice to get revenue with Mobile Site or get stoned with your stoneage website design.
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