jQuery Typography Plugins

These jQuery typography plugins can help you to create awesome looking websites using only typography.


Since CSS doesn’t give complete down-to-the-letter control so Lettering.js is made to provide you that. It allows you to control

  • Kerning Type
  • Editorial Design
  • Manageable Code
  • Complete Control
A jQuery plugin for creating responsive typography.


FitText makes font-sizes adaptive to all resolutions. But make sure that you use it only for large size text, not paragraphs.

Another plugin for creating responsive typography with help of jQuery.

Text Bacon

As the above one is made only for headings, this plugin is made mostly for the content part.

Text Bacon: a jquery typography plugin for stylizing content text.

Type Butter

This jQuery typography plugin allows you to set optical kerning for any font on your website. If you’re longing for beautifully laid out text that today’s browsers just don’t provide, this is the plugin for you.

Type Butter is one of the many jQuery typography plugins.


CSS3, meet kerning. Kerning, meet CSS3. You can Kern, stylize, transform and scale your web type with real CSS3 rules, automatically. All you have to do is add: <script src=”kerning.js”></script> in to your webpage.

Kerning.js for typography web pages.


It works exactly like that Airport board which announces that your flight has been delayed.

Airport board style typography effect.


Open this page, locate this text in the screenshot, stare at it for a while.



CSS3 allows to rotate letters, it is quite complicated to arrange each letter along a curved path. Arctext.js let’s you do exactly that.

jQuery plugin for making text go along a directed path.


It helps you to maintain vertical rhythm set by a typographic baseline, even when adding inline images with awkward sizes.



We all know about indent and outdent. Behold, this is the time for exdent. Create stylish blockquotes.

jQuery Exdent is a plugin for creating stylish blockquotes.


This plugin creates slabbed text. Don’t know what that is? Check out the screenshots.

Slabbed Text through jQuery
jQuery based slabbed text example.


Kind of a strange effect, but they come very handy sometimes.


RV Font Size 2.0

This is a famous and very usable typography plugin being used on many sites. It allows the user to increase font size through a single click.

RV Increase Font Size through jQuery


If you’ve ever worked in newspapers on print media designing where had to put loads of content in small spaces, you’ll absolutely love this plugin.

Hatchshow is the plugin that creates old newspaper like slabbed text effect.


In the early days of world wide web, webpages didn’t have pictures at all… and that trend is coming back. Why? Because pictures don’t have the ability to adjust according to screen resolution, but text can squeeze, expand, move around, break and rejoin.

With the advent of responsive web design, typography based flat designs are gaining more and more popularity.

Everyone is focusing on ‘text based’ websites these these days. Experienced developers believe that ‘text’ is going to be all around us in in near future. That is because images, bitmaps (jpg, png) or vectors (svg, eps), create complications trying to remain device agnostic. But text objects are much easier to manage. They can be moved around, contain handlers and many types of effects… the text elements don’t lose quality.

A few years ago, they announced that web is 95% typography. This number already seemed much exaggerated, now they are saying that 99.9% web will be typography.

Of course, the main thing has always been the content, which usually is the text but then again, 99.9%? Yes it is indeed exaggerated but one this is certain, text based websites are liked much more than image based websites.

Source: DesignZZZ