When you buy a domain name, you immediately want to put something online. Usually web designers place an “Under Construction” page but that doesn’t really look that nice. What you should do is that create a coming soon web page.

Under Construction pages have not just got outdated but they are pretty much useless, while a Coming Soon page is a lot more helpful. You can place all your social media links, sign up form, latest news and many such things which help the visitors. So visitors have a better experience compared to under construction pages.

Some of these sites may have been launched by the time you open them. So don’t be shocked if you don’t find the source page similar to the screenshots I’ve provided.

Coming Soon Web Pages

Shabith Ishan

creatively designed coming soon page.

CSS3 Buttons

nicely designed coming soon web page by css3 buttons.


Rubybots robot styled coming soon webpage.

Up State Design

Creative coming soon page.

The Pink Penguin

The pink penguin coming soon page.


Phosr coming soon page.


Choicr revolutionizes coming soon pages.

Dialed Tone

blue colored web page.

My Seen App

very smart web page.

April Zero

An example of coming soon web page.


Sweet webpage.

Door Luck App

Door Luck web page for soon launching website.

Its Fire Fly

red color coming soon web page.


Creatively Designed Coming Soon Pages

Noted Wiki

icon based coming soon page.


Koma Studio

Creative Coming Soon Pages


30 Best Creative Coming Soon Pages

City Mob

Unique coming soon design.


 Minimalistic coming soon page design.

Five Second Projects

Coming soon design.


Dark coming soon design page.


blue colored coming soon web page.


Planti: green web page with coming soon design.


Quallyo: gray color web page written coming soon over it.

Creative Market

Creative Market: wood patterned web page.

We Get More

Design with ticking clock design.

Chk Chk Boom

Chik Chik Boom



Moo Cup

Black and white cow pattern coming soon page.