Android Apps for Web Designers. We can work easily with HTML, PHP, CSS and TXT documents in our phone with the help of this nice softwares.

Web design is a diversified field. You have to know programming and designing simultaneously, which means that you have to work with art and science at the same time.

Hats off to web designers. Getting back the post, these apps will help you do your job in an even better manner. They will help you in coding as well as designing.

Android Apps for Web Designers

SilverEdit Free

Just open it, edit the document and save on the go with this application.

Free android apps to work with HTML, PHP, CSS and TXT documents.

Adobe Photoshop Express Free

Nothing is complicated here – the entire Photoshop functions do avaliable with your mobile phone. That means you can blur, rotate and add the other photo effects etc.

free app to get entire Photoshop functions avaliable with android phone.

HTML Editor Free

This is a handy and lightweight mobile solution that you can call a cornerstone for any web design activity. With this application we can start our project by creating HTML, ASP, PHP,  CSS and JS documents.
Free android app for projects in HTML, ASP, PHP,  CSS and JS documents.

AndFTP Free

This is a FTP, FTPS and SFTP client for android device (local) and remote file browsers. It has folders’ selection support to upload and download, including delete. It opens files (HTML, MP3s and Text or Video, …) in the device. It supports Multi languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, etc.

FTP, FTPS and SFTP client free for android device.

ActionScript Reference Free

This application is to index the Adobe AS3 helpdocs for the Flash and Flex developers. If one knows that with Flash and Flex, what it’s like to work, he’ll appreciate this app as it saves his time, his efforts and being always handy.

free android application to index the Adobe AS3 helpdocs.

Camera Illusion Free

Here’s a camera app that enables us to take and then preview the pictures with some filters, effects and the masks in real-time. Version 1.5.1 also have debug mode. It is pretty basic but  full of fun.

free android app to take and preview pictures with filters, effects and masks.

Iromihon Color Palette  Free

This Color Palette app is a very basic application for android to adjust and see the colors. It has all RGB, HSB and HSL models and also work as color light or you can say a flash light in full screen mode. This app provides us the ability to add “User Color Names” that makes handy quick references during working with the specific palettes.

basic and free application for android to adjust and see the colors.

Google Analytics for Android Apps free

Web developers and bloggers are aware of the importance of Google Analytics. Google Analytics for Android lets you keep an eye on your site’s summary statistics even while you are not at home or office. This free application is absolutely secure, fast, light-weight and of course, supports date range comparisons, Graphs and the charts for each report with custom date ranges, Geo-location reports, favorites and regex-enabled searches.

Free app for Android lets you keep an eye on your site's summary statistics.

Photobucket Mobile free

Graphic designers / web developers need an access to their photobucket account. Here’s an application that lets you do so. You can take it everywhere with you in your mobile device. You can download photos with this free app, and capture and upload them. Let yourself browse and search in different categories and manage Photobucket albums. You can also copy the image URL links to post on web.

download photos, capture and upload with this free android app.

View Web Source free

A very simple free application to view the page source of a website. You are also able to select a text, any search for text as well as to copy and paste HTML. You may use share feature also from the menu and then select View Web Source.

simple free android application to view the page source of a website.

WordPress free

Nowadays most of the blogs use WordPress CMS. So this free application is designed just to facilitate those bloggers who want to remain updated with their websites. Using this application, they can write new posts, edit the content, and manage comments through built-in notifications. This app is an open source.

Twitter for Android free

After twitter’s release, this app is being used rapidly for marketing purposes. Websites can keep the readers updated via twitter. You can use it freely as it has all the required functions because it is an official release by twitter.

 Websites can keep the readers updated via twitter with this free android app.

Dropbox (free)

A popular and free app for web designers and other creatives is the ubiquitous cloud-based file backup tool that allows you to have access to a remote folder with the documents you had stored on the server. It is so simple that it just saves files on one computer and then you’ll be able to access saved files from any other computer or a mobile device, as well. This free Android app gives you the mobile access into your Dropbox account. It’s considered a must-have tool for those who work with such files and documents which need to be shared across the multiple computers and devices.

the ubiquitous cloud-based file backup tool free for android.

HTML Test (free)

If you want to review your HTML prowess? This is a great Android free app to have. If you’re  going to start out this whole web design game, the app will test your knowledge of  HTML by giving you some multiple-choice questions which you’ll have to answer within a predefined time.


touchqode free

With this free app you can view and edit the source code that comes with the syntax highlighting, auto-complete and other features, found on regular desktop IDE. It currently supports Java, HTML, Python, JavaScript, C++, C# and the Ruby.

free android app to view and edit the source code.

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Eval your Javascript Code free

This free application  is a simple tool for the test-running Javascript snippets, directly in your Android device.

Free tool for test-running Javascript snippets in  Android device.

Android Codepad free

A simple source code viewer app that supports  the C-like, Bash-like and XML-like languages and  syntax the highlights automatically that are depending on the file.

PhoneGap Developer free

This free app is a great resource for Phone Gap developers. It includes docs, guides, API references and is a handy tool for testing their application.

Magic Color Picker free

This is a free color selection tool for the designers, artists and the programmers to select colors while using different color models. This app supports 7 different modes, includes RGB, HSV, HSL and YUV color models.

free color selection tool for the designers and programmers at android.

devcheats free

This free is a must app for a developer by offering a concise collection of the cheatsheets, including PHP, jQuery, CSS, SEO, Python, Ruby on Rails, Apache, Regular Expressions, SVN, C++, HTML5, Drupal, Javascript, Mysql and WordPress. This is a must have application  for developers and has a great collection for all the coding languages.

Android application  for developers with cheat sheet collection for  coding languages.

W3C Cheatsheet free

This app provides a quick access to some useful information from the specifications (incl HTML5) published by a leading international Web standards community.

Free android app gives access to information from the specifications (incl HTML5).

Fontroid free

This app is world’s first social font service, that you can share with it your own handwritten fonts with everyone.

free android app that is world’s first social font service.

Fontest free

This  is the developer and typography tool that can help you previewing quickly about how your favorite fonts are being rendered on Android.

 developer and typography tool free for android.

Astrid Task/Todo List free

Astrid is a nice todo list and task manager free app which is designed to help us getting stuff done. This app features reminders, tags, sync and a widget.

 todo list and task manager free app for android.

Opera Mini web browser free

Get a faster and cost-efficient mobile web browser. Opera Mini is the browser that uses powerful servers to compress the data by up to 90%, before sending it in your phone. Thus the page loads becomes lightning fast in the browser.

Free and favourite  mobile web browser for android.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser free

You can now synchronize with this app, your Firefox history, the bookmarks and tabs and the passwords too, between your desktop and mobile device. You may discover and install the add-ons to customize Firefox right from your phone, exactly the way you like.

synchronize with this free android app, between your desktop and mobile device.

Dolphin Browser™ Mini free

Dolphin Browser Mini is the tool that aims to provide a friendly user experience. It features tab browsing, gestures, RSS detection and it also supports Flash.

Android free tool features tab browsing, gestures, RSS detection and supports Flash.

PayPal free

You can send money, transfer it between PayPal and your bank account… and lots more. You can use it even to manage the PayPal account. The “Bump” feature too, can be used to send money.

free android app to send and transfer money between PayPal and bank account.

ASTRO File Manager free

This app will help you copying, moving, deleting and renaming and managing the files on your SD card. With Astro free app you also can manage the running applications as well as a back up apps.

free android app helps copying, moving, deleting and renaming the files.

Google Chrome to Phone free

Google Chrome to Phone is the app that lets you easily share the links, maps and currently selected phone numbers with the text between your computer-running Chrome and your mobile phone. You need only to install the Chrome browser extension in your computer.

The android app that lets you easily share.

Send to Computer free

Send to Browser is the almost opposite of the “Chrome to Phone” app and works with any browser without a special plugin. Finding some great articles while browsing the web on the go, usually needs them to be read at home on your computer. Then it becomes the time to share them to browser for the rescue.

Android app that works with any browser without a special plugin.

WiFi Keyboard free

The WiFi Keyboard free app provides an excellent way to use your computer for typing anything on your Android device. You will type that in your browser and the entire key presses shall appear at the screen of your android device.

Free app to type in computer for Android device.

Color Pal free

With this app one can browse and search quickly through the popular most and newest color palettes. Find the color palettes and schemes easily for any designed project. Whether you’re an expert web designer or just looking to paint your daughter’s room, you’ll find so many of the best color palettes or schemes available. Included in this tool are HEX, RGB and CMYK colors values that you can email in it for easy reference.

Android app lets us search through the color palettes.

Fx Camera free

FxCamera app lets the users apply a fun and cool effects to the photographs. These effects include fisheye, symmetriCam, poster, toyCam, polandroid. It has Timer feature too. The app is equivalent to several popular iPhone camera apps like Picoli, CameraBag, or PhotoBox.

Android app lets the users apply a fun and cool effects to the photographs.

Codeanywhere ( Code editor ) free

Codeanywhere app lets you code anywhere, without any need to bring something along with. You have just to install Codeanywhere in your Android, and then all your servers and files, etc., everything’ll be waiting for you, even the files you left open, will also be open when you’ll login again. Best of all is that everything becomes synchronized with the account.

Android app lets you code anywhere.

Adobe Edge Inspect free

Adobe Shadow application is for web developers and the designers who work also on mobile web projects. Adobe Shadow is for web designers and developers at android who are targeting mobile browsers. After installing Shadow app in your computer, you could pair your devices as well as have them browse in sync with your computer and perform debugging via remote inspection so you can instantly see HTML/CSS/JavaScript changes on the screen of your device.

Android application is for web developers and the designers.

Phoenix MySql Client Free

Allows you directly to connect to any Mysql server and perform the sql quires, delete, select, insert, etc… and to list the tables, the views and sprocs. With the great result viewer (grid) you can view the results in a stylish way.

 Android app  to connect to any Mysql server and perform the sql quires.