When designing or redesigning a website, there are several mistakes that some web designers make. Follow everything you do carefully so as to avoid having a website that will not be of any help to you.

Here are some mistakes that you should not make:

  • Writing content that is boring
    Nobody wants to see content that is flat and tedious. You should always insert images, videos, downloads or other forms of interactivity so that you give your visitors a reason to keep on using and looking at your site.
  • Having too much flash on your site
    When it comes to visibility, flash can be cool, but it normally doesn’t work well with search devices. If you are a web designer whose work highly concentrates on searching, use less flash as possible.
  • Forgetting to put a ‘call to action’
    As a web designer, you should always ensure that your visitors do exactly what you want them to do.
  • Avoiding social-media tools
    In this time and age, if you are not using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter among others, you are missing on chances of getting more visitors for your site. This will surely give your visitors an easy alternative to distribute your content on these social networks.
  • Your site not appearing right on people’s phones
    Mobile phones are coming up fast and accounts for 12% of global online traffic. However, this will not be of any assistance to you if your site is not mobile enabled.
  • Over-optimizing your site for search
    Your content should have keywords. Nonetheless, you should not have so many keywords and keyword hyperlinks that will only make your users get bored and end up leaving your site.
  • Not remembering to register your website in local search directories
    If you do not use search directories such as Yahoo Local, Google + Local and Yelp among others, you may not get any traffic for your site. It takes a lot of effort and time to get noticed and drive traffic using the search engines, so you better start now.
  • Leaving out your contact information
    If you do not put all your contact information on the site, how are people supposed to contact you if they are interested in something? They won’t because they can’t. They may even suspect the legality of your site.

Remember to always put your contact information including the social media icons that are easy to get to.

Put all these information above the fold and on every single page of your site.