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Using Modernizr to detect HTML5 features and provide fallbacks

Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects which HTML5 and CSS3 features your visitor’s browser supports. In detecting feature support, it allows developers to test for some of the new technologies and then provide fallbacks for browsers that do not support them. This is called feature detection and is much more efficient than browser sniffing. […]

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Let’s Talk about Semantics

Semantics are the implied meaning of a subject, like a word or sentence. It aids how humans (and these days, machines) interpret subject matter. On the web, HTML serves both humans and machines, suggesting the purpose of the content enclosed within an HTML tag. Since the dawn of HTML, elements have been revised and adapted […]

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HTML5 Tutorial – Getting Started

HTML5 is coming quicker than a lot of web designers are probably aware. You’ve probably seen the stories that it won’t actually be usable until 2022 but in reality, you can actually start using it today. Not all web browsers support CSS2.1, not all visitors are using software capable of using JavaScript but that doesn’t […]

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