Marriages are made in heaven but their websites are made here on earth. Gone are the days when you had to collect all your marriage photographs in a “real” album. Also the days of snail mail, sending marriage invitation cards by post mail are gone. In today’s 21st century all these tasks can be performed by creating your own marriage website.

With the advent of the Internet more and more people are choosing to create their marriage websites on the Internet and then send the URL of the website to their friends and relatives. In addition to the above mentioned tasks a website is useful in many more ways.

You can add a digital map, like Google Maps, of the place of your wedding so that people from a different town may not face any difficulty in reaching the wedding hall. You can upload the menu of the food that you intend to serve in the party so that your guests could know what they can expect.

You can upload videos to ask people to come. And after the marriage has taken place you can upload the pictures of your marriage party so that people who couldn’t make it that day can watch how it all went.

1. Wedding Album (Free)

2. Brilliant Weddings (Free)

3. George and Linda (Free)

4. Illusive (Free)

5. Wedding Events (Free)

6. Mary and Steven (Free)

7. Wedding page (Free)

8. Dating & Wedding (Free)

9. Dating & Wedding matching Yours (Free)

10. Wedding personal page (Free)

11. Bondage (Paid Sign-Up Required)

12. Bridal knots (Paid Sign-Up Required)

13. Bridal vows (Paid Sign-Up Required)

14. John and Helen (Free)

15. Journey Forever (Paid Sign-Up Required)

16. Laura John (Free)

17. Lisa tom (Free)

18. Maria and Michael (Free)

19. Our wedding (Paid Sign-Up Required)

20. Photoge (Free)

21. Success together (Paid Sign-Up Required)

22. your wedding (Free)

23. Website the best wedding photos (Free)

24. Wedding moments (Paid Sign-Up Required)

25. Charles and Ellen ($56)

26. Wedding store and reception ($61)

27. Wedding store ($61)

28. Sara and Alex ($62)

29. Wedding salon ($61)

30. Wedding goods online ($65)

31. White dove ($61)

32. Wedding agency ($25)

33. Wedding Blog ($35)

34. Larasati Wedding ($6)

35. Wedding planner ($60)

Different people have different tastes and so I know you must have chosen a favorite from above. Which one is it? Let me know in the comments below.

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