Car Tech Countdown to 2018 [Infographic]

Car Tech Countdown to 2018Via: L and L Automotive

Our world keeps advancing at an incredible pace, day in and day out, year after year; what’s even more incredible is that we seem to always be expanding and growing faster than we were before. Anyone reading this has likely seen a technological breakthrough or two within their lifetimes, due to the advancement of mobile phone technology alone. Not to mention all of the breakthroughs in medicine, computers, and space exploration, to name a few. Even television has had radical changes in the past 20 years, going from those huge “tube TVs” to smaller, yet higher definition sets. One industry in particular, though, is overdue for some radical breakthroughs of its own: the automotive industry.

While the automotive industry has definitely made some impressive advances in the past 20 years, seldom has something come along that completely changes our perception and the way we think about cars and transportation (with the Prius being one of the few examples). Today’s infographic from Mashable shows us some of the features and changes we can expect to see from our vehicles within the next five years. One of the most interesting changes that the graphic covers, especially concerning resource conservation, is the potential move from gasoline-powered engines to hydrogen power instead. And of course, what kind of futuristic car tech graphic would it be if it didn’t include arguably the most discussed and anticipated vehicular innovation of the past few years? That’s right, self-driving cars (hopefully by 2018).