Cool Macro Photography – Rainy Weather Pictures

Macro Photography posts mostly consists of insect pictures. This article is nothing different.
Insects are filthy, slimy and sometimes, poisonous! But as they say, camera can show the things eyes can’t see. If you look at these photos, you’ll realize that even insects can be fascinating.
And they are most fascinating when the rain has just stopped. Water drops all around make their world absolutely shining.

I published some photography tips in one of my earlier posts, I’m copying them here as well.

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Photography Tips

These tips were originally published in: Insect Photography.

  • Patience….. There are millions of insects, you’ll capture one just be patient if the first few ones you see run away.
  • Some beetles freeze when you breathe on them. You can experiment.
  • Insects are usually less-active in the twilight timings. That’s the best time to capture them.
  • Never ever put your shadow on the creature, they run away. Be like a spy who comes in the shadows and never makes his own.
  • Changing seasons of spring and autumn provide the best view and largest amount of photogenic insects.
  • Avoid there stings and other attack systems.

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