Our friend Sam Wolfe Connely was kind enough to make a giveway of two copies of his “Cybil” 8″ x 8″ print on our blog. For those who are not familiar with Sam, he’s a young skillfull artist that we already had the opoortunity to feature and to interview here at Abdz.

You can see more of Sam’s arwork at his Blog or at his Official Website.


A bored friend and I where tampering around with an old Ouija board of mine one night with nothing to do. Then we actually started getting some coherent responses to the questions we were reading out loud. She said for us to call her ‘Cybil’. She confessed to us a little bit about her life. She talked about the things most precious to her. About her pet lamb that had been sent to slaughter, the old woods around her home, and the night she burned in her bed. She talked about standing in my hallway at night. She talked about how the moths liked to flutter around and land on her in the dark. The same flame that burned her in her bed attracts the moths at night.


To enter this giveaway you just need to comment on the comment box or at Sam’s Tumblr why you like this Cybil artwork and why should you won it. We will pick a random comment at Abdz post andother random comment at Sam’s blog.

The winners will be announced on August 22nd (next wednesday).