Handcut 3D Illustrations by Hopscotch Design

July 26, 2012 from amanda’s blog

I’ve always had a soft spot for people who work three-dimensionally with paper. With that came my love for Chloe Fleury and practically everything she makes. Hopscotch is the design, illustration, animation studio she works under and boy, is their portfolio a treat.

I am a french illustrator who fell in love with international travel on a trip to California when I was 10 years old. I now live in San Francisco. I like to transform flat sheets of paper into three-dimensional objects, and eventually bringing them to life through stop motion animation. I incorporate my paper skills into a range of animation, graphic design and window display work.

About the author

Amanda Macedo is a designer and blogger by passion and profession. Living and working out of her backpack, she can now be found in San Francisco, CA, biking, writing, dancing, and tweeting .

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