How to Get the Most Out of Custom Web Design

in Web Design    (submitted 2012-08-17)

There’s one thing that’s guaranteed in the business world, and that’s competition. In the world of online business the competition is tough. There are so many people fighting it out in the same niches, desperately trying to attract new customers, that the only way to get ahead is to stand out from the crowd. Custom web design can be the answer to standing head and shoulders above the rest, but you need to use it right, and here’s how:

First, get your branding right

You’re never going to get that far if you don’t understand a little about branding. Putting your name in front of the masses comes with a risk. That risk is to do with the way your business presents itself. The look and feel of a business can be just as much of a deciding factor for potential customers as your actual products and services. Therefore, you need to get your branding right. If you don’t, you’ll look like a fish out of water. Incorporate good branding into your web design.

Next, abandon all web templates

So, you’ve got your branding down and now you want to express your brand through web design. You may have come across a website template that you think reflects your brand, and that may well be true, but don’t even think about using it. Templates are called templates for a reason, and you can guarantee that thousands of others are happily using your perfect template. You’re never going to set yourself apart from the rest if you look just like every other business out there. Leave the templates behind and get a designer to build your site from scratch.

Now, let your designer know your business

Web designers can be a highly talented bunch of individuals, but they’re unlikely to be able to work miracles. If they are given no insight in to your business, your aspirations, and your overall image, then how are they supposed to create the website of your dreams? So many business owners fail to see the importance of disclosing information to their web designer; please don’t be one of them. If you plan on just asking for a website and waiting for the final product, then don’t be disappointed when it looks completely different to what you had hoped.

It takes two to tango

Really, it does. You and your web designer should form a close relationship during the design process. You should be in regular contact, reviewing the progress, any creative changes, and the overall look and feel of your site. You really do need to be a part of the design process, and being ‘busy’ is not an excuse to not get involved. Your website is your businesses image online, so understand the importance of being an integral part of its creation.

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That’s how to get ahead with custom web design. If you follow this process, then you’ll avoid any nasty surprises. If you need designers who understand the importance of creating the right site, then head over to Summit Web. They are the experts at custom website design for small businesses.