HTML5 Video As the Best Language

in Web Design    (submitted 2012-08-18)

HTML is also known as hypertext markup language which is used by web developers to make their lives easier especially whenever they make web pages. In the past, this language is not so used by web developers because there are web platforms that do not support such language. HTML greatly improved in time and so it has helped web developers too. With the advent of the newest technology new updates came by that lead to HTML5 which is a better version of the old HTML. Just like the previous version of HTML it can also be used for making web pages and apps too and it also supports a lot of browser like Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The need for HTML5 video

In the past when technology is not as advanced as it is now, HTML 5 cannot be supported by a lot of browser that’s why it was launched late already. The coming of new and advanced gadgets today made HTML5 video possible. In the past HTML5 web developers need to find out how to meet the requirements to make this language useful. During those times if a person will play a video on the page he/she need to add plugins first to support the flash or Quick time. With HTML5 video watching is more convenient especially for gadget owners because they can also use it with their tablets and smartphones. You can also embed the codes so there is no need to download and use plugins anymore.
Why use HTML5 video

This has been the question of a lot of people especially those who are fond of using new devices. Why would web developers go for new code if the functions of HTML5 are useful and can replace plugins already? It may cost them a lot of money and time especially when embedding all the codes. It’s because HTML5 can be considered as an investment compared to other plugins. Other plugins will require you to pay for monthly subscriptions while the HTML5 will not require you to pay anything at all for life. There is also nothing to worry in terms of using different platforms and it’s also very much compatible with new devices available today such as smartphones and tablets that you can use anywhere you are in the world.

HTML5 video on Apple’s Ipad

Who don’t know about Ipad? Everyone is using it these days and its good news to a lot of users to know that the OS Ipad has supports HTML5 video, so there is no need to worry about how to get it for your gadget. Having HTML5 on your device simply mean that you can now easily view video using the standard Safari mobile browser or even other browser that you would like to download in the App store of your device. It’s just that you will have a hard time with some websites that use Flash for their interface other than HTML5. Don’t bother because you can download it anyway from the App store.

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