Lomography: The Crazy Side of Amateur Photography

In the early 1990s, two students in Austria gave a whole new dimension to photography. Russian made Lomo Kompakt Automat was the camera that started what is known today as Lomography.
Those students had the idea to take photos from the hip. Take mindless shots (usually) without even looking into the viewfinder.
The idea was just crazy enough to work… and it worked magnificently.
Vibrant high contrast high color images received awes of everyone.

Today Lomography is a brand with a cult like following. Lomography is still done on analog cameras and requires no special photography techniques at all, and that’s why this post does not include any photography tips. Now let’s have a look at some Lomographs.

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10 Rules of Lomography

1. Take your camera everywhere you go
2. Use it any time – day and night
3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
4. Try the shot from the hip
5. Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible
6. Don’t think (William Firebrace)
7. Be fast
8. You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film
9. Afterwards either
10. Don’t worry about any rules

To know about the camera/film/lens or anything else about the photo, please click on the title and reach the source page. 

Holga 135BC

stunning lomography photography technique

Car Lovers Know Her

lomography car photography images

Why You Little Pigeons

 lomography technique photography tutorial and examples

Dream Sequence

lomography photography images and tutorial

Standing Tall

lomography photography images and tool

Parc Guell, Barcelona

barcelona photography in lomography technique

Mix Blend

extreme lomography pictures and images

Moscow Trip

girl in lomography photography


shoes in lomography photography

Doubles with aprilrich427

lomography photography images

Colorful Life

ice cream girl and lomography in photography


lomography photography images and technique


lomography photography images and examples


lomography photography images


lomography photography technique

Wanna Grizzly

lomography in photography technique

The water at the end

the water in lomography photography images


lomography images and tutorials with professional tips

London as we (don’t) know it

photography in lomography tips


love with lomography photography