Your good domain name is a very important part of your site, whether it is a blog or website. It is your brand and will reflect on your site so you have to choose wisely. If your upcoming site is about you, you will most probably choose your name as a domain name so there is nothing difficult about that. However if your new site is about anything else, then there are some things you should take into active consideration. This will ensure that your site will be successfully branded and give the right message to would-be visitors.

So what is a domain? Think of it as your address details of your site. People who want to visit your site will type in your site’s domain in the address bar of their browser. Most of the domains end but other domain extensions exist. The most common,,

A domain name should only be chosen after keyword research. Once you have decided on the niche market you intend to target you should carry out keyword research to see which sub-niche you will be targeting. It is important that you find a low competition and high demand niche as this will help you immensely in ranking highly in the search engines. Moreover having the keywords associated with your chosen niche in your domain will give a further boost to your site’s rankings. And the name of the game is getting your site on the first page of the search engines.

A domain name should have 2 parts. The first part I covered above is for the search engines. The second part is for humans. The second part should precisely define what you intend to write about in your site.

A simple example will make things clearer. Let’s say that your chosen sub niche, after keyword research, is about dog grooming. This is for the search engines. But your site will be delivering useful information about the various shampoos available. And if you have thoroughly researched affiliate programs about the various shampoos available, you might also be able to earn some money online. So the human part of your domain name will include shampoos. Your complete domain name will therefore be dog grooming shampoos.

The placing of keywords in your domain name is also important. Always try to place the search engine keywords of your domain as close to the start of your domain name as possible. This is good for search engine optimization purposes. Last but not least, if the sub niche you are targeting, in our case dog grooming shampoos, was found not to be too competitive, you might rank highly by virtue of having chosen a domain name wisely.