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Ukuran gambar Facebook

Panduan Ukuran Gambar Facebook

Panduan ukuran gambar Facebook terbaru. Infografis untuk anda jadikan pertimbangan pada saat akan menampilkan gambar atau foto.

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Facebook Timeline – A Great Opportunity For Business

Web design is not challenged by Facebook but sees Facebook as another SEO opportunity for clients to attract visitors and turn them into paying customers. Web design offers an ecommerce trading platform that is enhanced by the increased traffic flows that Facebook generates; consequently, the opportunity for increased custom presented by the launch of Facebook’s […]

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Facebook Fan Pages Do Wonders For Website Rankings

Social media has become a critical part of many publicity campaigns today, so much so that any organization not yet tapped into this goldmine of free advertising is losing money every day. With over 800 million users in 2012, Facebook is one of the largest internet sites in the world, with an ever-growing audience of […]

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Step-by-Step Guide to Crowdsourcing Facebook Business Page Design

A recent study reveals that people not having Facebook accounts have some troubles in their social life and some of them may suffer of mental issues. These kind of studies are not necessarily very detailed and scientifically based but there must be some truth. Anyway, nowadays having a Facebook page isn’t a fad, it is a […]

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