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Infografis Facebook Ukuran Gambar 2018

Panduan Ukuran Gambar Facebook 2018

Panduan ukuran gambar Facebook terbaru tahun 2018. Infografis untuk anda jadikan pertimbangan pada saat akan menampilkan gambar atau foto.

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Rich Snippets Guide – Infographic

Rich Snippets Guide – for the average searcher, these rich snippets help show them what they’re searching for is within reach on a particular site.

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Smoking Timeline [Infographic]

To quit smoking cigarettes may seem like a simple goal for some people, but as many smokers know (myself included), it’s easy enough to talk about quitting cigarettes, but actually doing so can be much more difficult.

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Supercomputers – 10 Fastest in the World’s 2013

Imagine that problem on a massive scale, though: working at a research institute, and trying to keep up with constantly growing power of the behemoths known as supercomputers.

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Infographic: Does Design Matter?

Designers always say that good designs are the “first impression” so they play a big role in the making or breaking of a business. But that’s a designer’s perspective… what the do the business owners think? 99Designs organized a survey last month just get an answer of this question. And the revelations it made were very […]

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