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Jasa Pembuatan Website Bandung

Web Designing for Mobile Screens

Designing websites for mobile phones is a different matter than standard website designing. It should be much simpler and should have a minimal graphics component. read more

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Jasa Pembuatan Website Bandung

How Mobile Website Designs Should Be Created

Mobiles these days are progressive versions of IT and are integrated with exponential features as well. Hence it is at all times wise to understand the fact that mobile websites are much more practical. This is where internet stands today. First the great cyber revolution came, where web became the fetish of the day and […]

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Jasa Pembuatan Website Bandung

Mobile Website Design – Some Important Points to Remember

People use their mobiles quite expensively these days to surf the net while on the move. Web surfing with a mobile is easy and mobile website design is one of the hot topics today. Normally, there are two kinds of visuals involved into your mobile phone browser. The first visual type is the ordinary website […]

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How Important Is It to Make a Webpage Mobile Friendly?

Make a Webpage Mobile Friendly, How important is it? Your website is no longer looked at just on a desktop screen, mobile technology must be taken into account during the design process to ensure maximum compatibility. Here are some things to consider when developing your site or designing one from scratch. Is your website as […]

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