Creating an e-commerce web design without knowing the basics might prove risky. The site should have a professional look, an apt shopping cart extension, clarity in design, and a safe payment gateway. There should also be proper planning.

Rushing into the development process of your e-commerce site is not a good idea. First you should know what you want from your site, and also how will it benefit end users. Getting the basics right is more important than rushing into it, and end up creating something futile.

What we gonna do for creating an e-commerce web design?

Let’s have a discussion on some of the basics that one should keep in mind while creating an e-commerce web design.

A Formal Business Look

Since you will not be physically present to explain the layout or design to a user, it is important that an e-commerce site has a formal business look. Yes, it should look professional. Neat layout and graphics, functional structure, simple navigation options, and use of white space are some of the aspects that you should remember.

Avoid using animated graphics as that will make it look unprofessional. It is only your online store, and people will visit it to buy products, and not to appreciate flying text or animations.

Plan Carefully

Planning is essential for all businesses, and the same rule holds true for your online store. The type of products you want to display, their design, and their description are some of the things that one carefully plan out.

Shopping Cart Extension

If you have a site built using Joomla website design, then you have to choose the right shopping cart extension. The best option is VirtueMart as it will incorporate all the necessary e-commerce features to the web pages.

Have Some Clarity

What are you designing an e-commerce website? You are doing to sell your products and services, and in order to earn better revenues. Therefore, the design should be persuasive enough. How can it persuasive to initiate a sale? Well, the web pages should have clarity in structure, design and layout.

The design should be clear, lucid and simple for an average user to understand. Information related to your products should be easily accessed. If you integrate cluttered elements, it will confuse your visitors, and they might move to some other site.

Build Trust

This is most significant as far as selling online products are concerned. Shoppers need to divulge their credit card information in order to make a sales complete. Then, why should they trust you? You have to build that trust in the minds of your customers. You might be thinking how?

Well, you simple have to display authentic information like your company name, mailing address, email addresses, website address, and phone numbers. This will show that you are a genuine business person. Customers will also be able to contact you in case they have questions regarding making payments online.

Safe And Secure Payment Processing

This is the most significant phase of any internet transaction. The shopping cart as well as the payment processors in your site should be safe, easy to use, and secure. Make sure that there is no ambiguity or confusion while a customer makes a payment. A dynamic web development professional will be able to design a secure payment gateway for your customers.