A website acts as the biggest marketing tool for any business in today’s world. Websites offer a glimpse on what the business stands for and the products and services it has in its kitty. Websites have come a long way from mere online representation of texts and pictures and have become interactive and informative. Thus developing a quality website is very vital to success in today’s environment. You need to select a professional web development Canada company and opt for custom website design over template based web design solutions. Custom web development involves designing the website as an image in Photoshop and then converting the PSD file into web compatible HTML and CSS. Let us take an in-depth look into some of the advantages of custom web design and development.

• Branding – Imagine having a website which looks like dozen others in the market? Users won’t be able to distinguish your business from others. Businesses don’t merely look to promote their products and services through a website rather they want to build a brand name. Custom website design solutions allow businesses to build distinctive looking websites with custom functionality which gains immediate recognition among users. A professional web development Canada company will take into account the niche demands of your business and come out with a design which includes custom logo, color scheme and images. This will give you competitive edge over your business rivals.

• Visibility – Good design and appearance contributes only part to the success of a website. The other important part is online visibility wherein your website needs to figure high on the search engine results pages for targeted keywords. This can be achieved through search engine optimization. Custom websites are manually coded which improves the quality of the codes and attracts search engine crawlers. Professional developers use semantic coding techniques where each and every element of the website is defined to attract traffic. The coding undergoes W3C validation which helps you get rid of errors in the code.

• Re-development – The shelf life of a design and functionality is very short in a fast changing world and your website needs to undergo regular development where by you incorporate new design elements and functionality. This is where custom website design has advantages as it leaves ample scope for redesigning the website without changing the basic structure. Templates often restrict you in this as their looks and functionality are pre-defined leaving you with the only option of adopting a new template to stay in synch with the changing trends in web development.

You need to be extremely choosy in hiring a web development Canada company for your business website. Make sure they have a proven track record and a look at their portfolio will give you an idea about their expertise. Before you start negotiating your project with one list the requirement of your website in terms of design and functionality as this will help you negotiate a good deal and also speed up the entire process of web development.