20+ Examples of Web Application Interface Designs

The increased penetration of internet usage has created huge dependency on it. This virtual entity has turned into a living world for us. As a result of this, radical changes are seemingly taking place in the web applications and influencing the way businesses are operated. There is a visible shift from old models to grid and cloud-based models.

To match the pace, excellent quality web applications have to be developed which can act as the interface for the consumers or target audience of particular services/ products provided by the business groups. Any web application can do its job only if it is designed to meet essential needs of the consumers with a simple, responsive and easy-to-use interface. For this, a designer has to put his or her best web development and designing skills to use along with keeping a few points in mind.

These points are related to the development and designing phase of the web application and include blank state, UI speed optimization, display of quota/ usage, stages of user interface (UI) elements, smart use of visuals, proper display of information and instructions, upgrading or downgrading the plan, choice of accurate cursor pointer and alternative attributes and finally, finished state.

Since both professionals and novice can use web application interface, it becomes all the more important for a designer to be careful and study every element from close quarters. To help you with your task, some examples of web application designs are being shared here. You can look for them to get inspiration for your own web application interface design.

Best Examples of Web Application Design

Jamiq, FreshBooks, CrazyEgg, Donor Tools, Wufoo, Freckle, Pulse, Mint, Harvest, iPlotz, PollDaddy, Campaign Monitor, Designer Pages, OneHub, and Wistia are some of the finest examples of web application interface design that can be seen online.

If you look at Jamiq, you will see it’s a monitoring tool designed to track the high ranking search engines and social media platforms in all languages. FreshBooks, on the other hand, is created to help small businesses and freelancers track invoice and time faster. CrazyEgg helps users to know where the clicks are being done on a website.

Similarly, Donor Tools is an application which has been created for non-profit organizations and charity houses to find out donations and fund raising targets. Wufoo is useful in designing web forms in faster and fun ways. With the help of this application, you can create registration forms, invitations, online surveys and contact forms.

All in all, each of these examples reflects different types of requirements and purposes for which they’ve been created.You need to analyze all of them separately in minute details and find out which of the elements can be best utilized in your own product. This process may take a bit of time. But don’t hesitate. The time is really worth it. You cannot afford to leave any stone unturned if you want to achieve your goal.

To help you with this a bit more, some more examples of coolest web application design are being provided here. These consist of Admin Panel Template, GrooveShark, TodoTweet, CoTweet, Aviary: Phoenix, 280 Slides, MyClientBase, Pixlr, Tachyon HTML5 Admin Template, BuySellAds, Kuler, Peepnote, Artician, Cleanity and Postmark.

All the above-mentioned examples of the web application design are selected on the basis of their simplicity, color schemes, overall design and usability. Take a close look at them and just get inspired.








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