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in Web Design    (submitted 2012-08-21)

Websites that have neat images and designs are very popular. Images have several purposes in a website. They are used to present important information such as company logos and designs. They also play an important role in the overall presentation of the website and make it look rich and attractive. Many developers convert image to HTML for the proper working of the websites. The images are created and edited on the Photoshop platform. These PSD files are quite bulky and are not supported by the web browsers. Hence, they are converted into a compatible format that is compatible with the web browsers.

HTML is used extensively in the design of websites. It is a markup language that is easily understood by the web browsers. Converting the image files from the PSD format into HTML offers several advantages. The quality of the website improves significantly and the online users can view the website in a better manner. Many companies offer their expert services in converting the image files to a suitable HTML format. The image files can be of any format, JPG, PNG, BMP, or GIF. One can even search the internet to find online tools that convert image files to HTML.

Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language or XHTML is used widely to design quality web pages. It is an extended version of HTML and is more XML based. Coding with XHTML offers several advantages, one of which is validity of code. XHTML validation is very essential as it ensures that the coding is error free. The process of validation entails the verification of the document with the related Document Type Definition or DTD, to make sure of the elements, attributes, and the document structure are consistent. Certain coding errors, such as unclosed tags, can be overlooked during the web design and they may cause faults and mistakes in the proper rendering of the web page.

Validation ensures the quality and functionality of the web pages. Websites with neat and valid coding are more compatible with the search engines. This can help the website secure higher ranks in the result listings and thus, enhance their visibility. The developers convert PSD to XHTML as an essential stage in the web development. One of the main benefits of converting the PSD files to XHTML is cross browser compatibility. As a result, the website can be viewed conveniently using different browsers. The website is now accessible to a larger audience base, which enhances its popularity. This can boost the success of the online business.

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