Why Is It Important To Convert PSD to CSS

in Web Design    (submitted 2012-08-21)

Designs and images are very important in any website. They provide essential information about the company such the logos and also make the website look rich and interactive. Many designers prefer to use Photoshop as a convenient platform for designing and editing such images. However, these PSD files are not web friendly and so it is essential to convert them to suitable formats so that the websites can be given a complete look. The PSD to CSS conversion is a necessary step in web development. This enables the web developers to give a professional feel and appearance to the website.

The conversion of the PSD files into the CSS format also adds several advantages. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets offer an effective way of implementing styles and various presentation details to the website. One of the main benefits offered by CSS is that it separates the presentation details from the text matter, which is quite convenient for any further modifications or changes. Converting to a CSS format also makes the website more reliable and thus, the web pages renders uniformly across different browsers. This facilitates the online users to view the website in an effective manner.

The PSD files are also really bulky and so can cause several issues that hamper the proper functionality of the website. Hence, it is necessary to convert PSD to HTML so that the efficiency of the website is improved. HTML is a markup language that is used widely in designing websites. HTML conversion also provides semantic coding, which plays an important role in representing the website in an organized format. HTML coding also helps the website support the search engine in an effective manner, and thus the websites can earn higher ranks in the results listings. The web pages also loads faster and so the users do not have to wait for a long time.

XHTML or Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language is widely used to write web pages. It is an evolved form of HTML and is more XML based. Converting from HTML to XHTML makes the website more current and maintains it as per the current web standards. XHTML lays emphasis on cleaner and structured code, which improves the quality of the web pages. XHTML ensures that the web pages designed are valid and so they render consistently before the online users. When coding in XHTML, one has to lay emphasis on both tag rules as well as syntax rules. This enhances the overall functionality of the website.

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