Great Photo Manipulation Tutorials of Recent Times

Photo manipulation might be the most popular form of Digital Art. This is something that reveals the true power of Photoshop. This is what heaves all the wannabe designers towards itself and also assert its domination amongst rest of the photo editing tools.
I regularly create tutorials photo manipulation tutorials, and sometimes I make a collection of tutorials from around the web. Today I’m doing the latter.

This is a collection of some my favorite Photoshop tutorials which emerged on the scene in recent times, in the previous few months.

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Create a Spooky Ghost Playing with Fire in Graveyard

2012 adobe photoshop photoamanipulation tutorials

Create a Fantasy Space Photo Manipulation Using Photoshop

photomanipulation for professionals tutorials

How to Create a Deus-Ex Inspired Photo Manipulation with Photoshop

adobe photoshop tutorials 2012

Burning Wishes – Abstract Photoshop Tutorial

adobe photomanipulation tutorials

Dynamic Portrait with Flashy Light Effects

dynamic photomanipultion tutorials

We Bring The Peace

soldiers photomanipulation in adobe photoshop

Legend Of Lorelei

photomanipultion tutorials of adobe photoshop

Create an amazingly punchy artwork

artwork photomanipulation of adobe photoshop cs5

Create a post apocalyptic scene

adobe photomanipulation tutorials

Hell Rider

adobe photomanipulation tutorials of all time

Creating cyborgenic leopard

adobe photomanipulation tutorials

Mysterious, Dark Horror Scene with Crack Brushset

adobe photomanipultions tutorials of 2012

Thing Called Love

love photomanipulation tutorials for designers

Create a Mythical Fantasy Female Photo Manipulation

adobe photoshop photomanipultion tutorials

Song For A Raven

latest 2012 adobe photomanipulation tutorials

Creating a Scary Zombie Photo Effect in Photoshop

horror and gothic effects in adobe photoshop

Cybernetic Woman in Photoshop

cyber woman photomanipulation in adobe photoshop

Create a Grungy Skateboard Photo Montage Poster

adobe photomanipulation tutorials

Enhance Your Ad Designs with 3D Splashes

3d in adobe photoshop tutorials

Lighting effects

adobe photoshop  tutorials