Responsive Web Design, How to test your Website?

Responsive web design are the best way for your business to reach your website visitor with many devices they have to access your website. Yes, this is not just a mumbling words, there are various devices like phones, tablets, desktop, Music players that people use to surf internet in there day to day life and Responsive web design allows the web page’s content to scale as according to the screen size of the visitor device.

Jasa Pembuatan Website Bandung

Every business needs a website, but these days the web isn’t just about what you see on a computer screen. People are using the internet on an increasingly diverse array of devices, from iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tabs, Tablet, Smartphones, or gaming consoles. Some experts predict that by 2014, most web traffic in the United States will be on mobile devices.

The easiest method to check your responsive website in desktop is to scale your browser as according to the device resolution.

Responsive Web Design Online Tools

This is the tools for checking your website using Responsive Web Design capability.

  1. Matt Kersley –
  2. ScreenQueries –
  3. –
  4. StudioPress –
  5. iPad Peek –
  6. Mobile Phone Emulator –
  7. Responsive Test –
  8. QuirkTools Screenfly –
  9. Resize My Browser –
  10. Halgatewood Responsive –
  11. Responsinator –
  12. CSS Hopper –

Many site tools you can find it on internet, this list just an example for you to test how responsive your website.

For our customers, please test your website with this tools, and see what the diferences of your  website with other site of your competitors. Contact Us for more information about our services and how to creating your website with Responsive Web Design.