TeamWox: The Online Groupware and Collaboration Software

TeamWox is a software designed to optimize the needs of business management through collaboration. It can boost the production process by a great deal in any company. It is all-in-one kind of a solution for any firm, it includes options for: Human Resource Management, Document Management, CRM Functions, Message Board, Tasks, eMail Client, Corporate Search Engine, Detailed Reports, Chat Assistant, HelpDesk, Accounting and eBank services, IP PBX Phone system and many other things as well. This collaboration tool helps you organize the management tasks more effectively and efficiently. It makes the process transparent and fast, hence helps you to make decisions based on authentic facts, and you can do it very quickly.

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Detailed Introduction

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This Online Groupware and Collaboration Software keeps all the information about your clients and also the record of all the cooperation you had with them. This includes documents, tasks and discussion sessions. Everything is stored in the groupware system. It is very important for corporate sector that all this information is recorded properly, and can be recalled with just a couple of clicks. And thanks to this software, this all information is stored on cyberspace so it can be tracked from anywhere in the world. HRM module is designed for Personnel Management. It consists of the information of your employees, such as: address, contact details, personal details etc. It also keeps track of his teamwork in the company. With Personal Timesheets, one can also check which employee works more than the others. Task Manager is used for assigning tasks to the employees. If and when a problem occurs, set a task, assign persons responsible and watch how the task is fulfilled. You can make discussions and exchange and publish multimedia files as well. CRMmodule is designed to carry a database of all customers and their contacts. Of course, customers are the most important asset of any company, and keeping their record is the most important matter. Message Board makes it easy for you to establish an “internal policy”. TeamWox creates an intranet forum, a convenient place for the internal PR. Business Management Reports. As the name suggests, this module makes reports. And it does it automatically. It saves a lot of employees’ time, and since all the reports are made in the very same manner, it becomes easy to compare the affairs between departments.


There are many features which are still going described, such as Documents Management, eMail Client, Corporate Search Engine, Online Chat Assistant, Service Desk/Help Desk, Accounting and e-Bank, IP PBX Phone System and many others. They are going untold because had we carried on to describe every little bit of TeamWox, it would take a seriously long time. To sum it all up, we can say that it is one of the finest tools available for business sector. If you need such a tool, it is a must that you check this tool out.