1.2 billion Muslims are celebrating Eid Mubarak this week. The 2-3 day Eid celebrations follow the the holy month of Ramadan.
Main activities of Eid include visiting all the family members, having lunches and dinners with them. It is also a tradition to spend time with the poor, needy and orphans… and helping them in whatever way you can.

And don’t forget to say “Eid Mubarak” (happy Eid) when you see a Muslim friend.

Not all wallpapers are Arabic, because the post is mainly about Eid, and not arabic.

Eid Mubarik by Devilmaycryub

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Eid by umerr

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Eid by  Jas 1

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Eid Mubarak by naveedafsar1983

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Eid Mubarak by Bent el3in

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Eid by e emoo

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Eid Mubarak by  475

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Eid by twqee3

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Eid Chocolate by  bthecrazy

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Eid Cards by bllakmagik

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Happy Eid to You by  noor-maryam

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Eid Mobarak by  eyadz

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Happy Eid by alnour

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Eid Mubarak by  Roofizone

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Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak by  Design Maker

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Eid Wallpaper by uniquexm

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Happy Eid by  ebnyousry

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Eid Saeed-Black by  AzizStyle

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