Round up of the best Photoshop tutorials from the past decade, covering everything from collage and illustration to photography and typography.

This is great collection of Best Premium or Free Calendar 2013 Template for you to download.

Photoshop tutorials for designing business cards We’ve shared many business card templates in the past, and of course some inspirational posts as well. But we never shared a good post on tutorials of business card designing. Of course, if there’s anything we haven’t done before, I’m certainly gonna do that! So here’s a wonderful collection of Photoshop […]

August 20, 2012 from abduzeedo’s blog When we were preparing the Abduzeedo book we started to brainstorm some ideas of subjects for the book and when we thought about vector illustrations, the first name that came to our minds was Cris Vector. Chris’ work is simply amazing and as he has just updated his portfolio, […]

August 17, 2012 from abduzeedo’s blog The book suggestion of this week is about visual identities, but not corporate ones, it’s about the visual identities of bands. The book is called Band Id and it’s an amazing collection of logos of famous bands. From the Rolling Stones’ tongue-and-lips trademark to the Grateful Dead’s lightning bolt […]

I have been sharing custom shapes before, but they were very lightweight because we provided an all-in-one download pack of all the featured resources. But I often stumbled upon custom shapes which were heavy in the file size (usually more than 5-6 MBs) and had we made an all-in-one file of those, it would have […]

As the tradition goes, I’m making a collection of the best tutorials of the month on the last Monday of the month. As always, this post includes many creative photo effects, poster designs, photo manipulations and some other tutorials as well. Most of the tutorials here are suitable for intermediate to advanced level photoshoppers, which […]

Wida Wedding Organizer Bandung Indonesia

Marriages are made in heaven but their websites are made here on earth. Gone are the days when you had to collect all your marriage photographs in a “real” album. Also the days of snail mail, sending marriage invitation cards by post mail are gone. In today’s 21st century all these tasks can be performed […]

The book of this week is about logos, but not corporate identity or product logos, it’s about logos from the underground black metal music. The book is called Lord of the Logos: Designing the Metal Underground and it is an incredible source of inspiration especially in terms of typography. This eponymous book is a collection […]

Photo manipulation might be the most popular form of Digital Art. This is something that reveals the true power of Photoshop. This is what heaves all the wannabe designers towards itself and also assert its domination amongst rest of the photo editing tools. I regularly create tutorials photo manipulation tutorials, and sometimes I make a […]

Tutorial King: How to Draw a Portrait in Photoshop

Tutorial King: Create an underwater manipulation in Photoshop

Tutorial King: Create Abstract Dark Photo Manipulation with Splatter Brushes in Photoshop

Design Modo: Absolutely New and Free Photoshop CS6 Tutorials